Type GT

The heater with electronic thermostat type GT, is a device used for heating the systems such as radiators in bathrooms.

Series GT

Type GTX

The new model GTX is the effect of CINI’s presence in the Polish and European market and the previous experience with heating technology.

Series GTX

Type MEK

The MEK type is intended for heating different systems, ranging from smaller onces, such as tube registers or towel dryers up to radiators in the central heating systems.

Series MEK

Type QS

The heater with electronic thermostat type QS, is a device used for heating the systems such as radiators in bathrooms, towel dryers, or as additional element for already existing systems of radiator heating.

Series QS

Type QSX

Our newest heater with electronic thermostat - type QSX - is equipped with the additional masking element, that allows for it to be installed directly to the connection in the wall with no cables visible.

Series QSX

Electric heater with electronic thermostat and timer function model QSXimage QSX 1


The newest model – heater QSX is equipped with an electronic touch system, which lets the user set the heater to the desired temperature, indicated on the panel.

The heater has got the TIMER-2H function, which allows to set the working time of the heater for 2 hours. We have also added the masking element, thanks to which the connecting cable, inserted directly into the wall, is invisible.

You can set the desired temperature from 5 to 65 oC.


Advantages of QSX

1. BACKER heating elementimage QSX 3

- heating element is equipped with temperature limit fuse and internal temperature sensor.
- possibility of detaching the thermostat from the heating element and its mounting after installation.

2. Modern touch-control system

- easy setting by touching the marked place on the sensor.
- increased sealing level, reduced chance of moisture ingress.
- functional operating programme.

3. Indication of heating element operation by a  glowing line at the bottom of the casing.

4. Marking of the radiator temperature by elliptical lamp.

5. Masking element, which allows to hide the cable in the wall.

Indication modes

- blue – cold radiator
- green – radiator temperature suitable for drying towels
- red – radiator temperature high, requires careful use, depending on the fabric type
- red flashing light – radiator temperature above 65 degrees, possible overheating of the radiator, requiring everything to be removed from the radiator and thermostat operation checked
– temperature indication is active at all times while the thermostat is on, regardless of the way the radiator is heated, either by the heater or the central heating.

5 Thermostat operating mode: 

5.1 Asterisk (*)

- 5°C temperature range used in order to secure against freezing. Thermostat will switch into this mode after SELF TEST and during the reset following power supply loss.

5.2 Heating temperature mode

- 40-50-55°C temperature modes for drying and heating
- 65°C – mode recommended only for heating

5.3 Timer setting - Time

Possibility of setting the determined operation time of 2h.

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